Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doing well...

I just wanted to post a quick update, Aiden is doing well. His heart operation went as good as open heart can go, thank God. The doctors said after tomorrow his heart will be like he would have been born with a perfect heart. We can't say enough about the care he has received at CHOP. He came out of surgery around 2PM and we got to see him around 3. He has been sedated but tomorrow he will be awake and very aware of what is going on... so it should be a fun and vocal day for him. I am just so thankful that everything went well. Even though I have worked in the medical field when it is your child that is hooked up to all the wires it is very breath taking to see. He is in a ICU in a pod with 3 babies in his room hooked up to monitors. It is hard to see these little ones like that.

Chad is staying with Aiden tonight and I will be there tomorrow night. Aiden just loves Chad so he will be more than happy to see him when he wakes up. Taylor has school so we have to go back and forth. Thanks again for all the emails and calls. Sorry, I haven't gotten back to everyone but as you can imagine since we got back from China it has been a big adjustment and so many things going on. We are looking to have some normalcy in our lives soon... what is normal though! Thanks for the prayers!


Jan Wollet said...

So glad surgery went well! Thanks for the update. Get some rest! Love and prayers to all of you

Karrie said...

I hope your little guy is doing well. What a sweet little fellow.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him and strength for mom!

Karrie in IN (from CHI chat group)

Tina:0) said...

Heidi -

So glad to hear that surgery went well! Yes, it is hard to see your little one in such a position. But believe me, these kids are amazing! They recover sooo quickly that in a couple of months you won't even know that he had anything done!

Praying for a quick, uneventful recovery!

Give that little man some hugs for us!