Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching up...

Well today Aiden got to meet his Aunt Heather, Uncle Mark and his great grandparents. He still loves my parents the most I have to say. He just looked at everyone else and smiled but was a little more hesitant. He is definitely Chad's boy. Chad just loves him to pieces.

We had a nice time visiting, but since I had about 4 hours of sleep in 72 hours I was feeling so tired by 2 PM. Someone told me it can take 2-3 weeks to get back on track. Gosh, I sure hope not! This week Taylor starts back to school, Aiden has to get enrolled in the military system for insurance, he has 2 doctor appointments then by the end of the week we are heading back up to PA for my sisters baby shower. She is 8 months pregnant and going strong. I am so happy she will be able to have the blessing of having a daughter. Taylor has been my little best friend for the last 6 years.. she will make a great mom and Mark a great dad.

Aiden did take to Mark really well also. He is really into his big trucks he got from people. He has a monster truck that he just loves. He is so curious. He only slept about 5 hours last night, a big switch from China. I know everything will take time but when you are running on empty it can be hard. Aiden just loves when people praise him and he wants to make sure you are watching him all the time.

Well I am going to sign off. I will be posting some misc. pictures on here from China in the next few days. I had some on my cell phone that I wasn't able to transmit from overseas. Hope you are all doing well.


Jodie Hertz said...

To the Zeigler Family, Heather, Mark, Donna and Don.

It was so nice to see you guys are home and doing so well. Donna knows I have been following the website since you guys left. It has been very emotional for me so I can't imagine what it is like for you guys. I am so happy that God bleesed you with such a ray of sunshine. He is so cute. I hope all continues to go well. I will keep you all in my payers, especially little Aiden.
Hope you all have a good time at Heather's shower. I will be away. Tell her she looks great on here. I wish everyone well. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with us.


Anonymous said...

My dear sister-
Love ya- and you are a great mom-- and have a great family. Chad is a wonderful husband and you have beautiful children. I am so happy for you. I look forward to bringing a child into the world. I just hope I can be half the mother you are.
love -