Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purse Shopping & Childrens Park

Well today was a fun day. We went to a purse/leather market. It was great lots of quality leather goods and cheap. I may go back tomorrow! I haven't seen the leather coach bags like Chad got in Korea but there are many other great products. Our guide Emily has been really great with taking us places. Tomorrow she is going to take me around as Chad is going to stay back at the hotel. The Chinese people in the leather factory kept saying that Taylor was beautiful and touching her hair. Just like in the states she didn't say anything just kept walking (kids!) She is just shy. Our guide also said people asked about Aiden if he was adopted or mixed... interesting.

We then went to the children's Park in Guangzhou. It is a beautiful landscaped park in the middle of Guangzhou. The thing I love about China is how the people exercise and play together in these parks. In this park there were ping pong tables set up, badmitten nets and then exercise equipment and childrens amusements. Taylor loved the rides. There was no one riding today so it was like a free for all at the park.

We are looking forward to coming home but it is with mixed emotion. It is something we planned for, over 2 years and now it is here and almost gone. But we are looking forward to getting back to normal life.


April said...

Wow didn't know about the leather market...... hum sounds right up my alley. It is very bittersweet when the time has come to come home. You enjoy the culture and look forward to the time to be at home seeing loved one's and create a schedule. But at the same time you are enjoying the time to bond and love on your boy with out the busy schedule of the american way. We will be praying for your travel time and adjustment to the good old USA.


Anonymous said...

I hope I got a nice purse :-)... just kiding... look forward to seeing you this weekend.
Love you-