Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video Clips

Since I can't send my video clips for some reason through email right now I am just going to post them here. Some of these clips are for families who wanted to see their children to be... and also for the parents who gave me photobooks, Ms Tang is on here.

April, the little girl you asked about looked great and was doing well. Ms. Tang said her file is up at the CCAA. Rebecca, your little girl also looked well. I was going to try and give her a hug or touch her but she was very shy. The nannies really love her you can tell. I do have a few video clips I will try and get to you when I get back. I thought you may be anxious to see these pictures before I get back.

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autumnesf said...


Thanks so much for the clip! I'm not always sure the book makes it to the orphanage after sending it off with travelers so this was really cool!

Hope you are enjoying yourselves!