Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of School...

Today was Taylor's first day back to school. I told her she looked like a little Amish girl in her school uniform, she is like "I am suppose to look Amish!". Her teacher said she clicked right back into the classroom so that is a good thing. It is lonely without her here with me. She has been like a little buddy to me.

Aiden, is definely turning on his different personalities right now. He is 90% happy and then you have that 10% of temper that is getting a little louder and louder. He hates to be put down or made to walk anywhere. This morning I had to help Taylor get ready and he got so mad he was kicking the wall and crying. They say it is just an adjusting period for the first few months. It is just shocking when he has been so great and now that 2 year old side is peeking through. But he is still a little cutie. Chad is home until Thursday, once he goes back to work it will be him and I. Oh boy!


Amy said...

Taylor is so cute in her uniform! We had uniforms here until a lawyer parent found a loophole and threatned to sue the school district and they did away with uniforms. So sad!!!

I LOVE all the picture of my future son-in-law!! :) I am so glad you are all safe and sound at home.

Amy in Arizona

Anonymous said...

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