Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Well it has been about 24 hours since we have been home. Our flight back to Detroit wasn't too bad... but that last hour from Detroit to Newark was a killer for some reason. We were feeling pretty jet lagged today, it is hard going from being 12 hours ahead of time when you are trying to sleep. As you can tell now it is 12:30 AM and I am still up! But we are so glad to be home. It almost seems like a dream that we were in China, except we have proof - we have a little boy! Sorry about how we look in the pictures but after 24 hours of traveling we were just so happy to get home.

My parents met us at the airport and it was so great to see them. Aiden was shy for about the first minute and it was amazing to see him go to my mom and dad. It was something because even in China he wasn't too fond of other people wanting to hold him. It is like he knows we are family and he knows he is loved. We sent over 2 photo alblums to the orphanages and they were all fingerprinted up and looked worn, so maybe they showed them to him (they were for children). He has been doing so wonderful. It is amazing to see grandparents who love your child just like their own. My mom said she was up since 3AM she was so excited to meet Aiden (we only came in at 8 PM!).

When we got home we thought someone broke into our house (haha) my wonderful neighbor Stephanie stocked our refrigerator with a meat tray, cheese, milk, donuts, cookies, bread... etc etc. It made a tear come to my eye that she is so sweet... we haven't always had such great neighbors. Taylor and her daughter are best of friends. Grace was at our doorstep first thing in the morning and I opened the door and Grace said, "I missed you so much Tayor" and they hugged, it was so cute. My parents and friends have spoiled Aiden with some gifts already! It has been so special to hear from so many people. Aiden absolutely loves everything. It is so neat to see a child go from having nothing to having so much hope for the future. With him it isn't about the big things it is the little things. He gets a kick out of the smallest things he does.

When we got home he just took to my mom and dad right away. When my dad walks away he like yells out to him and he runs to my mom with open arms. My mom and dad had tears in their eyes when he first did this. It just shows that biology has nothing to do with love of a child. We had many guests stop by our house today to just check in on the little guy from China. My neighbor brought her soccer team to say hi to him! He has been to the playground and grocery store already with his mamaw. She said he was pointing out the cookies in the aisles - so smart already.

Tomorrow some more of our relatives are coming to visit. It is great to see everyone and share our precious little man. Then this week his doctor appointments start. I hope all goes well with this part of our journey. I know it will with Gods help. He said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee"... I hold onto that thought. Aidens little heart was pumping very fast by the time we made it back home. We were a little worried about him but thank God today he has calmed down a little and his breathing got better today.

I have been thinking of my little guy Chase as well. Adopting is so wonderful and Aiden is so full of life. It makes me think of another little boy that is looking down on us. I hope he is smiling. He is still so missed. It makes me think of what he is missing but I know he is having a full life up there in heaven. And now we have part of heaven here with us in our little boy Aiden.

Well I guess I better try and force myself to go to sleep. Thanks again for all the emails and comments on our blog. We appreciate it. I think Chad really is amazed with how much support we have received from so many people.

~ update on second night at home.... went to bed finally at 2:30 AM, 5 AM a wake up call from a little fellow named Aiden, he just fell back to sleep at 7:30 AM ! Gotta love the time change ~

Thought for the night:

It's the simple things in life that bring the greatest joy.


Jill from Indiana said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adoption experience - it has been so enjoyable to follow your journey. I'm so glad you all made it home safely. God Bless you al

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you're home! Love the pics of the grandparents-your mom never changes. Heidi, you must be jumping out of your skin happy--well, maybe in a few days after the jetlag wears off.
Thanks for sharing this with us via blog.