Monday, September 1, 2008

Video from Gotcha Day/Room

I can't see what my video looks like when I post it from here but I heard you all can see it back in the states. I just HAD to share him with you all. I can't believe how well he has been doing. He took a bottle last night, and I put him in his crib next to our bed. He just was looking all around and I had to bring him up in our bed. Next thing you know he fell asleep and then we put him back. He has slept through the night! (Well it is 4AM here right now) At least I slept 3 hours longer than the other night.

I can't even put into words how happy we are. It is the most amazing experience. I know the other adoptive moms who view this blog know what I mean. I know I have friends who have had trouble conceiving or lost a baby - I can tell you this for me, there is no difference in the love of your own biological or adoptive child. It is amazing to see Chad just love him right up. You can just see it is his eyes. The love I have for him is just so powerful. When I saw all the other adoptive families and their extended families all crying before they were handed their kids, you just knew how much love these kids were bringing to their lives. There were people from other countries in the room with us and they were all hugging and celebrating, just so amazing.

We gave Aiden a bath last night with Taylor, he looked like, "What is going on?", but he did really well. When I put his pajamas on, he just looked at them like, "wow, what are these".. they must be different then what he is use to. It is just an amazing experience. Today we do the official paperwork, so "knock on wood" I hope everything goes well. Then for the next few days he will have a physical, and then we are waiting on his passport till next week.

Thank you all for the emails and posts.. we LOVE reading them and are thankful we can share this journey. It has been so amazing so far.


Jan said...


The tears keep flowing every time I watch the video's. To love a child is the best thing, no matter how they come into your family. The hurdles your family over came to become one. Words can not express how happy we are for Aiden to be with his forever family and the joy, laughter, love and tears he will and has brought to all of you. Love, Jan, Dave, Kyle, Sam, Ben and Marli

Stephanie said...

He is just too cute! And Taylor, what a great big sister you are! Looks like you are doing a wonderful job helping mommy and daddy with Aiden. The videos are incredible to watch. The kids all crowd around to see them too.