Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching Up

Well we are still having a great time getting to know Aiden. He is doing so well. His personality is shining through more and more. He knows to come to mom or dad he knows what giving something to his siter is (usually he pushes her hands away). He loves playing with his toys and then packing them up in a bag we have and then unpacking them.
Yesterday we went to the Guanghzou zoo. It was actually very nice. There were a few exhibits that were different then what we are use to, such as dogs in cages, rabbits chained to a post. But for the most part it was a normal zoo. They even had a little amusement park there that Taylor was able to ride on a few rides. We tried putting Aiden on the merry-go-round but he was scared so I just held him.

It is just amazing to think that one week ago he was still in an orphanage confined and now he can spread his wings. That is all he needed, was a family to let him open up his personality. When I think of the other children left behind I think of what their potential could be. He just is such a blessing. Taylor is still going through the, "You didn't do that for me when I was little" or "You pay more attention to him them me"... even though that is definitely not the case. But she loves her brother. Everytime we go out she has to be the one to push him. She holds his hands to help him around. She plays with him all the time.

I think she REALLY misses home though. She is constantly asking, "Mom, do you miss home?" She really misses her dog Lucky and her friend Grace. We have a bag of goodies for Grace that Taylor wanted to get for her.

This weekend is going rather slow. We went over to the beautiful White Swan hotel for breakfast. I think if I had to do over again I would stay there - especially for Taylor. Their pools are very nice. But we have a suite here for the same price as a regular room over there. We heard great things about their breakfast - which it was good, but it cost us $72.00! This was just a normal breakfast buffet. But it was good for that price you would have thought it was a seafood buffet though. We then took Taylor and Aiden to the park on the island, he is getting more and more use to those types of things. A little Chinese girl was going up and down the slide with him, this encouraged him that it was fun. But there is only so much you can do when you don't have a guide with you around here on Shamien Island. Today we might walk across the bridge to the market place again. If I didn't have two kids in tow, I might try and take a taxi someplace but I would hate to get lost here. I think they said the population of Gunagzhou is 12 million.

We are having a great time but will be ready to come home and get into a routine. It is a little like that movie Groundhog day, the same thing everyday. We wake up have breakfast, walk around for a few hours come back put Aiden down for a nap and the decide where we are going for dinner. This week we have a few more tours planned so that will be nice. Our guide Emily is very nice. I have learned alot about China from her. It is amazing what you think China is like and then how it really is. But I am very thankful for being from the US and all that we have.

Well I am going to try and post a few more pictures. Connie - I don't know how you did it for 3 weeks here! It is VERY hot and humid so that is a big part of things. Also last night we went out to eat about a half mile from us and another torrential downpour with lightening and thunderstorms. It has been doing that almost daily. Of course we forgot our umbrellas! I have met a shopkeeper here her name is "Jenny" and I have spent about an hour the last 2 days trying to help her with her English. She gets emails from Americans in regards to her things she sells and had me proofread some of her letters back to them. I had heard about her shop from other adoptive moms - she is great and very nice. Miss you all!


Mom said...

Hi Heidi, Chad, Taylor and Aiden,
Taylor is not the only one that's homesick... Mamaw's homesick for you guys too! I can't wait to meet Aiden and to spoil Taylor and him. I'm so proud of you Taylor for being such a great big sister and taking good care of your little brother. Glad you guys are having a good time. Keep the updates coming- I check your blog several times a day just to see what's new.
Love Ya,

connie said...

Heidi, it is hot and humid! Thank you for catching us up. Jenny is awesome! She is a believer, and so is Jordon. I can't remember if they have boy's shoes, but the very best leather shoes are at Sherry's Place! And don't forget "A Gift From China," near Jenny and Sherry's (I think.) Beautiful things, and proceeds go to care for orphans. Blessings!