Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Great Day

"Gong Gong" as we are calling him right now (this is what his name was in the orphanage) has been doing so well. He slept through the night! We went back to the building where we received Aiden yesterday to finish the paperwork... he is officially ours! The paperwork went really smooth and we were in and out in about an hour. Aiden is just so full of life. He LOVES to walk and he also loves to be pushed in the stroller. I think the stroller seems like a park ride to him, he laughs when Taylor pushes him. Then again Taylor has a way of making the simplest things fun for him.

Traffic around here is so funny. It reminds me of New York City but worse. If you are walking you better watch out - even on the curb. They drive up over the curb here all the time. When we were driving this morning to the Adoption Registry building Aiden's eyes were just wide. When we went back into the building I think he didn't know what was going on at first, like were we taking him back. Then he just took Taylor or Chad by the hand and walked in circles with them. He is such a cutie. We were going to go the the children's park today but it is now thunderstorming so we will do that tomorrow. I heard that it would be really nice for Taylor. Taylor is doing really well 98% of the time. But have been times were she starts crying and then gets embarrassed about that... she thinks we pay more attention to Aiden then her. And we definitely have tried to make her feel as important. But she is really great with him.

We went to the Rose Garden restaurant by the White Swan. We thought we would order Taylor a grilled cheese and I had a salad, and Chad ordered squid and then a dish of spaghetti with chilli sauce... Well turns out that Taylors sandwich was like a club sandwich with spam,cheese and a fried egg on it. Unfortunately, she is a plain girl that does not like sandwiches for some reason. Chad's spaghetti with chilli was actually LO MEIN with beef - he ended up trading with her and I have to say at least I found a Chinese dish I REALLY like here. The food has not been bad at all, but I was looking for something that had flavor and that was not too far out there. For instance, their was whole octopus with vanilla as an appetizer. Chad wanted me to try the squid, he said it was delicious, I just wasn't up to it yet. Right now our little guy is sleeping. We laid him in his crib he sat up looked around for about 5 minutes and then laid down. I have not heard him cry one time, I just can't believe it. I was prepared for him to be scared of us or miss his nannies.

Connie - I showed Aiden your blog with Kalebs pictures and he just stared in awe at him. He showed emotion like he would have known him. I have a picture I will have to share. He simled at the one of Kaleb sitting on the watermelons!


connie said...

Well, Heidi, we'll just have to get these two little buddies together! I'm so thrilled that Aiden is doing so well. What a blessing that he is transitioning into his family. We are enjoying following along, and we thank you for posting! May today be another glorious day!

His Mom said...

Oh Heidi! I am SO happy for you. He is just about the cutest thing ever.

I know what a long road you have been on...I am just so thrilled for you.

-Chantel (from SG)